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Easy Color Measurement

SphereOptics presents the new Spectraval 1511 from JETI, a very compact spectroradiometer for the visible wavelength range from 380 nm to 780 nm. The field of view of 2° can be marked by a red laser target to find the exact position of the measured spot. A further highlight is the mechanical shutter for dark signal compensation. The spectroradiometer is powered by an internal battery, but can also be operated via USB.

Spectraval 1511 comes with a touchscreen and the measurements can be stored on an internal SD card. Therefore it could be used as a standalone unit without laptop or PC. The results for the color measurement are NIST traceable.

The measured data from Spectraval 1511 fulfill highest demands. Here the spectroradiometer delivers radiance, luminance, xy and u’v’ coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index and much more data. The results are easy-to-handle due to the clear software. Therefore a user specific computer interface allows to show the needed results at a first view.

The application of Spectraval 1511 is color measurement, for example for the verification of UV-lamps, fluorescence lamps or LEDs, or the calibration of monitors and projectors.

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