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Telops Hyper-Cam: Hyperspectral Thermal Imaging – Imaging FTIR Spectroscopy

  • Telops’ Hyper-Cam is available in two different wavelength ranges: longwave infrared (LWIR) from 7.7 to 11.8 µm und midwave infrared (MWIR) from 3 to 5 µm (extended MWIR: 1.5 to 5 µm)
  • The Hyper-Cam is a high-performance remote sensing instrument which was built for laboratory, ground and airborne applications
  • Imaging FTIR spectrometers provide the highest precision in spectral mapping
  • An actively cooled detector ensure high radiometric accuracy and high dynamic range
  • Exact synchronization with external events (e.g. navigation systems) by combination with GPS/IMU systems

Short Description

The Hyper-Cam is a lightweight and compact hyperspectral imaging sensor which uses Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) technology. This advanced high-performance spectrometer allows to detect and identify substances either gases or solids from a distance of up to 5 kilometers.  It provides real-time chemical imaging as well as unparalleled spatial and spectral information about the IR targets under measurement.

With its integrated calibration system and electronics Hyper-Cam can be used in a standalone (and unmanned) configuration for over 24hrs. The standard software interface make the sensor easy to use and its new upgraded weatherproof enclosure enables users to benefit from high quality hyperspectral imaging without worrying about changing environmental conditions during field measurements.

This infrared hyperspectral imager incorporates a Michelson-type interferometer which operates in the 7.7 μm to 11.8 μm (LWIR) or 1.5 to 5 µm (extended MWIR) spectral region and provides user-selectable spectral resolution up to 0.25cm-1. The Hyper-Cam is equipped with a 320×256 pixel stirling cooled focal plane array detector (Mercury Cadmium Telluride – MCT type).


  • Defense and Security
  • Geology and Mineraology
  • Industrial
  • Environment
  • Research