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Too often, a Raman spectrometer’s data sheet doesn’t tell you what you really want to know. Is it sensitive enough? Does it produce clean spectra? Is it robust enough for OEM use? While every application is unique, we can share some benchmark data to show you how we outperform the competition, and why.

When we created our Raman spectrometers, we designed the optics we would want as spectroscopists, supported by the mechanics we know our OEM customers need. The result is a robust opto-mechanical design in a compact footprint, electronic interfaces that match use cases for academic, industry and OEMs alike, and – most importantly – the ability to capture every possible photon through elegant optical design.

We place one of our own perfectly matched, patented volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings at the heart of every spectrometer. With uniform response and low loss, these gratings enable a compact and highly efficient transmissive optical design that minimizes aberrations and alignment sensitivity for the optimum in manufacturability and thermal stability. The result? More than 10x better performance for Raman than a high-end f/4 crossed Czerny-Turner (CCT) spectrometer, and far less variability.

Application Notes: