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Spectra-FT Fine Tunable VIS Spectral Calibration Source

Labsphere’s Spectra-FT Fine Tunable VIS Spectral Calibration Source simplifies and enhances testing of ambient sensors by eliminating multiple steps and sources in the spectral response optimization and correction process, with a selection of uniform standard illuminants and colors to choose from one compact and robust system.

Ambient light sensors are designed to detect brightness in the same way as human eyes do. They are used wherever the settings in a system have to be adjusted to the ambient conditions as preceived by humans. Smart sensors can predict the indoor or outdoor lighting condition and make the appropriate corrections. This requires a smart calibration source.


Ambient light sensor calibration
Auto white balancing
NIR dark correction
Filter leakage


Multiple integrated illuminant spectrums from one source save time and space
Reproduce indoor and outdoor lighting conditions to calibrate your RGB ALS for mobile applications
NIR sources for filter leakage and dark corrections
High illuminance and color stability for reliable results


  • Image Sensor Test
  • Ambient Light Sensor Calibration
  • Automotive Sensor Calibration
  • Flat Fielding/PRNU
  • Light Sensor Calibration and Characterization