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Software Photometrica

Powerful software for measurements, analysis and reporting

Simplify your spatial light measurement testing requirements with this powerful, easy-to-use, image analysis and reporting software. This proven platform provides all of the essential tools to compute, plot and extract the essential aspects of luminance and chromaticity measurements. Photometrica® Measurement and Analysis Software is included with all imaging photometers and colorimeters for a complete testing and measurement solution.

Specialized, Use Case Designed Software Packages

Although the standard Photometrica Software tools will cover any scenario, specialized packages with a streamlined user interface are available for several applications including the assessment of luminance and color uniformity of graphics, mura and defects of displays, and luminous intensity distributions of lamps. These application-based packages are use case designed to save you time, providing you with the functionality required for your specific testing needs.

User Interface

Create and save your own custom layout and preferences to suit your application and personal style within the easy-to-use software. Define window positions, sizes, docking, tabbing or pinning for optimal workflow.

  • No deep menus
  • Reduced clutter
  • Extensive help files
  • Customizable tables and plots

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Software Development Kit (SDK) allows the creation of unique custom windows. Learn more about the tools, libraries, and code samples available.

Multi-Measurement Documents

Contain multiple measurements within the same document for easy comparisons and simultaneous plotting. Perform computations between measurements in a document to generate new measurement components such as contrast or ΔE*ab.

Spezialized Software Packages

  • Display Testing
  • Graphics Testing
  • Uniformity Spots
  • Beam Pattern
  • Light Plat Balancing
  • Syling Line Testing
  • Headup Diplay Testing