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Remote sensing is currently pushed forwards by technical innovations in the fields of hyperspectral sensors for imaging spectroscopy applications. This involves real-time imaging spectroscopy via the visible (VIS: 0.35 µm – 0.7 µm) near infrared (NIR: 0.7 µm  – 1.1 µm), shortwave infrared (SWIR: 1.1 µm – 2.5 µm), and thermal infrared (TIR: 3 µm – 15 µm) wavelength regions. Innovative technical developments allow many of those hyperspectral imaging spectrometers to be carried by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. Furthermore, proximal sensing benefits from these technical improvements and induce light-weight portable spectrometers for the VIS, NIR, SWIR, and TIR wavelength region for mobile mapping applications. These field spectrometers are adequate instruments for fast in situ spectral assessments or an efficient ground truthing for remote sensing applications. SphereOptics offers innovative hyperspectral solutions in the fields of both, remote sensing and proximal sensing from 0.35 µm until 15 µm, which are acknowledged throughout environmental science (geoscience, biology, hydrology, etc.), industry and R&D institutions. Increasing interest is expected in the field of precision farming (precision agriculture) using hyperspectral imaging technologies from UAVs.