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Spectral Evolution PSR+ Serie Portable Spectroradiometers: Established, versatile and robust

  • Full-range VIS/NIR (350-(1900)2500 nm) portable spectrometer
  • By using TE-cooled detector arrays in the spectrometer, it has been improved in resolution, speed of operation, and ruggedness which makes it ideal for scientific research
  • Upgraded performance in the SWIR 1 and 2 regions coupled with an improved signal-to-noise ratio for high quality spectra
  • Many accessories for every individual needs (Reference Panels, Contact Probe, PDA, Benchtop Reflectance Probe, Benchtop Illuminator, integrating sphere)

Short Description

The Spectral Evolution PSR(+) series of spectroradiometers provides the best spectral resolution available in a portable, ruggedized spectroradiometer. The new line of field spectroradiometers offers dramatically improved radiometric performance in the SWIR 1 and 2 regions by using advanced TE-cooled detector arrays. The upgraded performance and durability, in combination with low weight and outstanding ruggedness, make the PSR(+) an ideal tool for researchers who need to accomplish higher-quality work in less time than ever before.


  • DARWin SP Spectral Acquisition Software for data collection, averaging, storage and display of DN, reflectance, radiance or irradiance spectra
  • Ethernet, wireless, PDA and GPS compatibility
  • Internal memory for up to 1000 spectra
  • Data export option for third party software like: SpecMIN, TSG, and GRAMs


Product PSR+ 3500 PSR-2500 PSR-1900
Wavelength range 350-2500 nm 350-2500 nm 350 – 1900 nm

3 nm @ 700 nm

8 nm @ 1500 nm

6 nm @ 2100 nm

3 nm @ 700 nm

22 nm @ 1500 nm

22 nm @ 2100 nm

3 nm @ 700 nm

10 nm @ 1900 nm

Sampling interval 1 data value per 1 nm, 2151(1551) canals
Scanning time 100 milliseconds
Wavelength accuracy +/-0.5 bandwidth, 0.1 nm repeatability
Input fiber optic (25° field of view). Optional narrower fov (4°, 8°, 14°) fiber optics available.
Weight 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
Calibration Wavelength, reflectance, radiance*, irradiance*. All calibrations are NIST traceable. (*optional)
Applications Ground Truthing
Crops and Soils Research
Ecology Research
Spectral Remote Sensing
Ice and Snow Research
Spectroradiometry and Radiometric Calibration
Multispectral Ground Truthing
Plant Physiology
Agronomy and Forestry
Light Energy Measurements
Light Source Studies
Atmospheric Research
Geology and Mineral Analysis
Ground Truthing
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Spectroradiometry and Radiometric Calibration


Another part in the field spectrometer portfolio is the oreXpress line of portable and rugged infrared mineral analyzers, which are already the established standard for mineral analysis measurement in mining production. Finally, the SR-Serie completes the product range. The new level of accuracy and performance in a portable laboratory analyzer performs rapid, non-destructive materials analysis for qualitative and quantitative applications.