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Raman Systems

Short Description

At Wasatch Photonics we understand the difference that high sensitivity, low noise, and the ability to capture spectra quickly can make to a research project or OEM product design. Our f/1.3 spectrometers are designed specifically for Raman using our own patented VPH gratings, delivering 10x the sensitivity and SNR of a typical compact spectrometer.



  • f/1.3 Input to capture more light
  • Superior optical design based on patented transmissive grating
  • >10x faster data sampling rates
  • TEC cooling Option for best SNR
  • Fiber coupled, free space and integrated laser models
  • Compact, robust & configurable
  • Excellent thermal stability


Raman Spectrometer System options:

  1. Spectrometer with ultra-cooled detector camera
  2. Spectrometer with extra laser module and light fiber connector – modular raman system
  3. Spectrometer with integrated laser module and light fiber connectors – semmi-integrated system
  4. Spectrometer with integrated laser module and integrated sample holder – fully integrated system
  5. OEM spectrometer module with exposed electronics and minimal housing


Ultra-Cooled Spectrometer Standard Spectrometer Semi-integrated System Fully integrated System OEM Module
WP 248
WP 405
WP 532 XL WP 532
WP 532 XL WP 532 EXR
WP 633 XL WP 633 WP 633 Raman system
WP 785 XL WP 785 WP 785 + Laser WP 785 Raman system WP 785 OEM
WP 785 XL WP 785 ER WP 785 ER + Laser
WP 830 XL WP 830 WP 830 + Laser WP 830 Raman System WP 830 OEM
WP 1064 XL WP 1064 WP 1064 Raman System WP 1064 OEM

The links in the table will redirect you to Wasatch Photonics with more information and specifications about the single products.