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Raman Systems

Short Description

Wasatch Photonics offers best-in-class Raman systems designed with our WP Raman ƒ/1.3 spectrometer engine to deliver the world’s fastest Raman spectrometers. These systems are intended for OEM use only.

Wasatch Photonics high efficiency HD Volume Phase Holographic Grating and proprietary spectrometer design provides maximum diffraction efficiency and extreme low stray light.



  • f/1.3 Input to capture more light
  • Superior optical design based on patented transmissive grating
  • >10x faster data sampling rates
  • TEC cooling Option for best SNR
  • Fiber coupled, free space and integrated laser models
  • Compact, robust & configurable
  • Excellent thermal stability



  • WP 633L – Best General choice for SERS
  • WP 785L – Balances Signal with fluorescence background
  • WP 830L – Most popular OEM excitation wavelength
  • WP 1064L – Surprisingly short acquisition times

This Raman system features a laser integrated using free-space optics for rapid and low signal measurements. It also has options to add Bluetooth and a battery pack for portable applications. This spectrometer is 2x faster than our fiber coupled spectrometers. Our f/1.3 fiber coupled spectrometers have 10x more throughput compared to an f/4 spectrometer! Custom wavelengths for OEM applications are available upon request.