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Zenith Polymer® / Spectralon® Fullmaterial Targets

Zenith Polymer® / Spectralon® – Diffuse Reflection Targets

  • Nearly ideal lambertian, diffuse reflectance of 99 %
  • constant reflection over the wavelenght range 250 – 2450 nm
  • Tolerance in reflectance value depending on batch in range of +/- 3 %
  • Certified calibration using a PerkinElmer Lambda 950, which is traceable to PTB and NIST
  • Surface reflectivity is constant in range of +/- 1 % R
  • Laser damage threshold: 8 J/cm²  pulsed laser

Short Description

SphereOptics diffuse reflectance targets are made from our proprietary Zenith Polymer and Spectralon reflectance material. This highly reflecting, PTFE-based material is resistant to heat, humidity and exposure to high levels of radiation, making it ideal for use as reflectance targets. Those Targets have a thickness of 10 mm and can be mounted in a frame to be fixed easily. On customer request, the targets can be made in different sizes and reflectivities.


  • Non-polar, insulator, hydrophobic
  • Chemically inert, exception: reacts with organic Lithium and Sodium compounds
  • Usable temperature range: – 50 °C to 250 °C
  • Usable humidity range: 5 % to 95 %, but water absorption bands will be visible
  • Standard pore sizes 1 – 20 μm, average 6 μm, Standard pore sizes 1 – 20 μm, average 6 μm
  • Customer specific sizes and reflectivities on request


  • Remote Sensing: in field calibration of portable spectrometers
  • Definition of contrast for cameras calibration
  • Homogen projection walls, for inspection and quality control of projectors and projectors lamps
  • Presentation screens
  • Environment laser targets
  • Environment test targets
  • Light source characteristic and behavior
  • Diffuse reflectance standards for light measurements and calibration
  • Referencing of integrated devices in airplanes, helicopter and military vehicles of any kind