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VPH Grating for Laser Pulse Compression

Wasatch Photonics’ enhanced volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings are exceptional for pulse compression and pulse stretching of high power ultrafast lasers. Our ultraclear transmissive gratings have the highest efficiency on the market, with virtually no ghosting or scatter. Unlike surface relief gratings, our gratings can be easily cleaned and handled. Choose from our range of stock gratings, or contact us to discuss custom OEM designs and materials. We are your partner, from small quantity prototyping through to volume production.


  • Exceptional 1st order diffraction efficiency
  • High transmission over the full spectral band
  • Low wavefront distortion, minimal scatter
  • Uniform over the full clear aperture for minimal beam distortion
  • Ideal for high pulse energy applications
  • Robust design allows easy cleaning & handling
  • Maximum optical design flexibility – ideal for folded designs

Many designers use transmissive pulse compression cavity designs for their flexible, compact, often folded layouts. Our uniform efficiency, minimal scatter, and low wavefront distortion ensure they get the shortest, cleanest pulses.