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Tunable Spectral Calibration Sources for image sensor testing

Tunable Spectral Calibration Sources from Labsphere for image sensor testing SpectrALL is the new series of tunable spectral calibration sources introduced from our partner Labsphere for image sensor testing. Labsphere is a recognized leader in image sensor calibration sources for… Read More

Wasatch Photonics goes virtual

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, this year’s Analytica, the world’s leading trade fair for laboratory, technology, biotechnology and analytics, will take place virtually. Experience our partner Wasatch Photonics “virtually” and inform yourself online about the Raman-Spectrometer-Systems and VPH Transmission… Read More

New UV Raman Spectrometer

New UV Raman Spectrometer   SpehreOptics partner Wasatch Photonics is proud to announce the addition of a compact, cost-effective UV Raman spectrometer to its family of modular Raman spectroscopy products. The WP 248 Raman spectrometer expands on the company’s existing… Read More

Telops‘ SPARK-IR series of high-performance infrared cameras

Entry-level family for general-purpose thermography applications The new SPARK-IR product line from Telops offers cooled MWIR cameras designed for high-performance general-purpose thermography applications. The SPARK cameras use high-resolution detectors (VGA or HD format) and deliver full frame thermal images at… Read More

NUC Shutter modules from Nanomotion for infrared cameras

The RS08 from Nanomotion is a rotary, piezoelectric shutter that is being deployed in infrared cameras to improve the accuracy of remote temperature measurements. It is the first shutter of its kind, utilizing Nanomotion’s patented miniature piezo motor embedded in… Read More

Raman TV by Wasatch Photonics

Raman TV – the new YouTube channel from Wasatch Photonics about Raman Spectroscopy. Raman TV

Our calibration laboratory receives DAkkS accreditation according to ISO 17025 for measurements of the spectral reflectance

The calibration laboratory of SphereOptics GmbH provides a DAkkS accredited measurement service (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018) for spectral reflectance. The calibration of diffusely reflecting materials is performed for the wavelength range from 250nm to 2450nm and complies with DIN 5036… Read More

Realtime Analyses of hyperspectral data

Mira is a software interface for analysing hyperspectral image data. Based on a powerful machine learning engine Mira selects the best statistical model for given labelled samples fully automatically.   Mira helps creating specific solutions for image analysis that can… Read More

Monitoring the Performance of a Solar Simulator with an SR-1901PT

ASTM standard E927-05 defines a solar simulator as a device that con-tains three major components: (1) light source(s) and associated power supply; (2) any optics and filters required to modify the output beam to meet the classification requirements (e.g., AM1.5… Read More

WASATCH PHOTONICS Inc. – new partner of SphereOptics GmbH

The SphereOptics company is now selling Wasatch Photonics spectrometers and VPH gratings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Wasatch Photonics spectrometers are distinguished by their high sensitivity and low stray light. These qualities are perfect for low-light applications such as Raman… Read More