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Cubert GmbH

Snapshot spectroscopy made in Germany: Cubert is the leading company for snapshot hyperspectral imaging in the VNIR. Their stand-alone technology allows to create one image cube within 1 ms. Those ultra-lightweight imaging spectrometer are the ideal tool for UAV based mapping.
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Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Imatest has been a leader in image quality testing for over 18 years. Imatest software, test charts, equipment and consulting services enable clients to develop the best products possible. We serve customers across many industries, including mobile electronics, security, automotive, aerospace, and medical imaging.
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Jeti Technische Instrumente GmbH

Jeti entwickelt und produziert Spektrometer und Zubehör für höchste Präzision und reproduzierbare Messergebnisse. Jeti pflegt einen intensiven Kontakt mit den entsprechenden Universitäten in Jena.
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Labsphere Inc.

Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung und inzwischen Weltmarktführer im Bereich der Integrationskugel basierenden Lichtmesstechnik.

Labsphere arbeitet sehr eng mit den renommierten Gremien der Photonik zusammen (CORM, CIE, ASTM), um auf dem neusten Stand der Technik und Zertifizierung zu sein.
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NANOBASE provides the total solutions for Raman spectroscopy research along with other material analysis techniques. Our product designing and manufacturing process fully focuses on realization of high efficiency, unbeatable instrument performance, and high product value for price.
Our business motto, 'We make your Raman dreams come true.' is profoundly instilled in every product we manufacture. Got some unique requirements to your next instrument that needs to be tailored to your research? Just come and talk to us. We have over 130 successful customization projects accomplished for merely 10 year long business in the industry.
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Norsk Elektro Optikk AS

High end full range hyperspectral line scanners: The HySpex line of Norsk Elektro Optikk (NEO) is a high end product of hyperspectral line scanner for high resolution data acquisition. NEO is well-known for big innovation capabilities and highest quality standards.
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OSI Optoelectronics

OSI Optoelectronics is a producer of optical semiconductor detectors. The portfolio of OSI covers different types silicium photodiodes (PIN photodiodes, PSDs, photodiode arrays, color sensors etc.) to GaAs- and InGaAs- photodiodes up to complete opto-electronical systems. With more than 30 years of experience in photonics, world-wide production facilities and offices, OSI is the first number for you by questions in photonics.

Spectral Evolution, Inc.

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION manufactures state of the art UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR full range spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers and spectrometer systems for laboratory or handheld portable use. Their systems are used worldwide in analytical, environmental, industrial and medical diagnostics markets.

SureStar LiDAR

SureStar was founded in 2005, is a national high-tech enterprise that has long been focusing on LiDAR technology and its product development and production. SureStar's product range is comprehensive, and it's one of the few manufacturers in the world who has a full range of navigation and survey LiDAR development capabilities.

Telops Inc.

Located in Quebec City / Canada is a leading supplier of hyperspectral and broadband imaging systems for the thermal infrared (TIR) wavelength region. Telops’ hyperspectral TIR imaging spectrometers are known for its spectral precision and radiometric accuracy. Their high performance infrared cameras are among the fastest on the market. Telops products are acknowledged throughout industry, defence, environmental, and R&D institutions.
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Wasatch Photonics, Inc.

Wasatch Photonics is a manufacturer of high performance spectrometers based on VPH transmission gratings. The spectrometers are characterized by excellent light intensity and sensitivity and are therefore ideally suited for low light applications such as Fluorescence or Raman. The available spectrometers cover a wavelength range of 250-1700nm.
The VPH transmission gratings are also available for OEM customers.

Westboro Photonics

Specialist in light- and colour measurement for all kind of lighting applications and display testing.

The WP Team - consisting of engineers in optic, lighting, electronics and software – develops and manufactures high quality products.