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VPH Gratings for UV-VIS-NIR Spectroscopy

We build industry-leading Raman and broadband spectrometers with our gratings, as they are unsurpassed for low light applications and ideal for fluorescence. Our transmissive VPH gratings offer the optical designer many advantages. They are more efficient and much lower scatter than reflective ruled gratings. More robust to handling, they enable transmissive spectral instruments that are smaller in size, lower aberration, and easier to align. At Wasatch Photonics, we apply our multiple patented technologies to optimize for bandwidth, low polarization sensitivity, and/or transmission. Choose from our range of stock gratings, or contact us to discuss your OEM needs.


  • Patented broad bandwidth grating designs
  • Exceptional 1st order diffraction efficiency
  • Low polarization sensitivity, uniform efficiency
  • Near-zero scatter for less stray light
  • Robust design allows easy cleaning & handling
  • Wavelengths: 350-2500 nm
  • Line densities: 150-6000 lines/mm

Wasatch Photonics’ VPH gratings are unsurpassed for low light applications like Raman and fluorescence, outperforming surface relief gratings in efficiency by up to 40%. Our proprietary process encapsulates the grating structure in a robust package, facilitating easy cleaning & handling during system build. From 350-2500 nm, we offer both broad bandwidth & high dispersion solutions to enable your next spectrometer design.


Our patented HD gratings offer an advantage you won’t find anywhere else – high efficiency and low polarization dependence over a broad wavelength range. As spectroscopists ourselves, we’re able to customize our VPH gratings to the needs of your specific application, and can even provide turnkey spectrometer solutions to speed your system design and time to market. We work with you from initial design to volume production to provide full OEM customization and support.