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Welcome to our applications resource. In this area, we review some of the key applications for our products in the fields of light source measurements, measurement of the optical properties of materials, infrared cameras and remote sensing.

Testing Lamps
Testing LEDs and OLEDs
Luminance_Spotlight-v1 LED_ScreenCorrection-- Automotive-Lichtmessung-Instrument-Cluster-v1--
Luminous flux, chromaticity, colour temperature, colour rendering and luminous efficacy are routine measurements in the development and manufacture of any type of lamp, from incandescent to tomorrow’s ultra-efficient solid state lighting. … Read More LEDs and OLEDs form the basis of many innovative products, from large area video screens to ultra-efficient lighting. Important metrics include luminous intensity, luminance, luminous flux, luminance uniformity, chromaticity, colour temperature, colour rendering …  Read More Light measurement plays an important role in the development of automobiles, from the colour and brightness of interior and exterior lighting, to the beam pattern of headlamps and the brightness and colour of instrument clusters and displays. Further … Read More


Testing Displays
Remote Sensing & Proximal Sensing
Optical Sensors and Camera Calibration
cubert-appl-agriculture_zoom Labsphere-Uniform-Source-Systems-USS-1200-(1)
Luminance, luminance uniformity, view angle, colour gamut, contrast ratio and mura (defects) are important metrics in judging the quality and performance of the next generation of LED, LCD and OLED displays. … Read More Remote sensing is currently pushed forwards by technical innovations in the fields of hyperspectral sensors for imaging spectroscopy applications. This involves real-time imaging spectroscopy via the visible … Read More Electronic imaging equipment based upon CCD and CMOS detector arrays requires pixel normalisation, flat fielding and distortion correction to yield high quality data or images. A similar approach is taken with remote sensing … Read More



Real-time Gas and thermal Analysis
Raman Spectroscopy
Remote sensing using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) is a non-invasive technique to detect and identify gases in real-time. Hyperspectral imaging within the two atmospheric windows of the thermal infrared (TIR) spectral region …
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In the growing world of Raman spectroscopy, what makes one company different than the rest? At Wasatch Photonics, we offer a unique combination of vision, talent, and technology that help bridge the gap between research and reality for those seeking solutions to the most pressing problems facing our world …
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