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Cubert UHD 185 – ultra lightweight real-time imaging Spectrometers

  • High speed, snapshot hyperspectral imager in the VNIR range (450-950 nm)
  • Portable due to ultra-lightweight design (470 g)
  • Simple with no need of IMU and robust (no moving parts inside)
  • Ideally suited for spectral mobile mapping

Short Description

The UHD 185 Full frame camera is a non-scanning, easy to use, portable imaging spectrometer especially for UAV applications. With every frame this camera captures a complete 3-dimensional hyperspectral cube with 1 megapixel image resolution, 138 spectral bands and 2500 unique spectra.

The UHD 185 uses a unique technology which establishes a fair balance between areal resolution and spectral resolution. The result is an imaging spectrometer with no need for scanning (like in push broom technology) or image combination after fast filter shifts. Our technology provides clean hyperspectral images out of the box without any moving parts.
In combination with an industry grade processing unit for the on air data storage and the ground communication, a ready to fly weight of 840 g could be achieved.


  • Smart control suite for hyperspectral cameras with the Cube Ware-Software
  • Wifi remote control of all parameters and real time preview on the ground
  • Real time hyperspectral mapping
  • Easy georeferencing and geocoding using ground based references (GCP) (no IMU needed)
  • Hyperspectral video with up to 30 frames per second
  • Automated image processing to calculate hyperspectral indices (preinstalled and adaptable index library)

Additional to the ultra-lightweight UHD 185 the Cubert UHD 285 imaging spectrometer for outdoor (hand held) and laboratory measurements completes the portfolio. The higher radiometric resolution of 14 bits allows to derivate the smallest differences in spectral properties. The rugged and waterproof design (Certified: CE and IP67) enables a large range of additional applications.


  • Remote sensing - especially UAV applications
  • Archeology, agriculture like precision farming
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Hyperspectral stereo photogrammetry
  • 3D-hyperspectral surface models
  • Spectral mobile mapping
  • Process control
  • Food production
  • Color industry
  • Microscopic applications
  • Biological and medical applications
  • Chemical imaging
  • Water spectroscopy
  • Ground-truthing and field spectroscopy