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Handheld VNIR Spectrometer

PSR-1100(-F) Portable VNIR Spectroradiometer by Spectral Evolution

  • Portable, self-contained data collection
  • Rapid data acquisition with large file storage capacity (up to 2500 spectra)
  • Compact, rugged and light-weight, less than 2 kg including batteries
  • Built-in laser pointer for targeting (optional for 1100-F)
  • As 1100-F version with fiber optic cable to use accessories as contact probe or leaf clip

Short Description

Using Spectral evolutions smallest and lightest VNIR spectroscopy for non-destructive sampling, the PSR-1100(-F) is designed for truly portable, real-time measurements in the field. The SE spectrometer provides quickly derived precision reflectance, radiance, and irradiance spectra in a variety of environments.


  • Ground truthing
  • Crops and soils research
  • Forestry, ecology, and plant physiology research
  • Oceanography and inland water bodies research

The PSR-1100 series provides the ideal combination of portability, performance, and durability. The PSR-1100 spectroradiometer uses a high-sensitivity Si 512 element detector array and a fixed grating.

The instrument was developed for easy field data acquisition with memory storage for up to 2500 spectra. The results can be visualized and exported by using the DARWin Software package for further analyses.

With a wavelength range of 320-1100 nm, an accuracy of ±0,5 nm and a resolution of <3 nm at 600 nm, the PSR-1100 delivers unsurpassed performance and helps you speed your fieldwork and reduce errors associated with changing environmental conditions.