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LiDAR Test Equipment

Permaflect® – robust & diffuse reflectance Targets

Labsphere’s Permaflect® diffuse reflecting Targets are available in certain reflectance levels. Permaflect® is comparing to other materials much more resistant against moisture, mechanical influences and other environmental influences. Typical spectral application range of this lambertian reflectance materials is 350 nm to 1200 nm.


Zenith Lite™ Targets

SphereOptics offers a wide range of different sized, ultra-light reflective targets. This so-called Zenith Lite™ is manufactured by applying a 1 to 2 mm Zenith Polymer® diffuser to a 10 to 15 mm thick aluminium plate with honeycomb structure, which are bonded with a special PTFE high-performance adhesive. This technique also allows to combine different reflectivities without visible seams on one target (max. width 1040 mm). The targets can be produced in any size and in combination of white and grey scale reflectivities. The unique honeycomb structure can be additionally threaded for easy connection to other fixtures.



Measurement service for Reflectance and BRDF

SphereOptics offers a measurement service for standards and targets as well as for samples provided by the customer. The measurement of reflectance and transmission is performed by a PerkinElmer Lambda 950 spectrometer equipped with an integrating sphere. SphereOptics also offers reflectance measurements according to ISO 17025 (DAkkS D-K-19933-01-00). Customers with special requirements are thus offered the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability and traceability of results.

Incident Light Diffuse Reflection Specular Reflection


Mobile measuring equipment

Reflectometers, spectrometers and BRDF measuring devices in handheld design allow easy and flexible determination of important backscattering parameters. High demands on accuracy and reproducibility are met – the ideal complement to laboratory measuring instruments. In addition, an on-site measurement service by our engineers is possible.


Mobile BRDF Instrument (MicroScan Scatterometer)

LiDAR Reflectometer Kit

410-Solar Handheld Refelectometer



SphereOptics offers with OSI Optoelectronics photodiodes and complete optoelectronic modules for applications in the detection range from about 200 nm to 1700 nm. These modules can be manufactured to customer specifications. Further information can be found under Optoelectronic Modules.


3D structures with defined properties

Optical systems fulfil essential safety aspects and can detect small signagles even under poor conditions. Test your systems with defined, Lambertian figures. We are happy to offer customized solutions, just contact our sales staff.