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General Purpose Integration Spheres

  • Integration sphere sizes 1” to 6”
  • 3- and 4-port options
  • Baffle included
  • Highly Lambertian reflectance coatings for 250 nm – 20 µm
  • Broad range of accessories like detectors, light sources, port reducer etc.
  • Quick-change accessory options
  • Calibration options

Short Description

Labsphere´s general purpose integration sphere line provides a large degree of flexibility in designing your own uniform light source or light measurement system and modify an existing system in a most simply way. This series offers integration spheres from 1” to 6” size with three different reflectance materials (Spectraflect® : 250 nm – 1200 nm; Spectralon®: 250 nm – 2500 nm; Infragold®: 0.7 µm – 20 µm). Accessories like port plugs, port reducer, fiber adapters, detectors and light source assemblies offer the user almost endless number of application options.


  • Researching and prototyping
  • Building your own system
  • Light measurement integration spheres
  • Uniform light sources proximity sensor calibration
  • Customized RT spheres