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Zenith Polymer® / Spectralon® Wavelength Standards

Zenith Polymer® / Spectralon® – Diffuse Reflectance Wavelength Standards

  • Nearly ideal lambertian, diffuse reflectance
  • Defined distribution of discrete absorption peaks over 300 – 2100 nm wavelength
  • Certified calibration using a PerkinElmer Lambda 950, which is traceable to PTB and NIST
  • Specification of peak-position in 0,1 nm Scan resolution
  • Laser damage threshold: 8 J/cm²  pulsed laser

Short Description

SphereOptics diffuse reflectance standards are made from our proprietary Zenith Polymer and Spectralon reflectance material. This highly reflecting, PTFE-based material is resistant to heat, humidity and exposure to high levels of radiation, making it ideal for use as reflectance standards. Those rare earth oxide doped (holmium, erbium and dysprosium) wavelength standard are available in two sizes of 50 mm and 30 mm diameter. Each standard is packaged in a durable holder with a protective cover and comes in a storage box.


  • Non-polar, insulator, hydrophobic
  • Chemically inert, exception: reacts with organic Lithium and Sodium compounds
  • Usable temperature range: – 50 °C to 250 °C
  • Usable humidity range: 5 % to 95 %, but water absorption bands will be visible
  • Standard pore sizes 1 – 20 μm, average 6 μm, Standard pore sizes 1 – 20 μm, average 6 μm


  • Calibration of spectrometers
  • Calibration of spectrophotometers
  • Calibration of spectrofluorometers
  • Industrial standards for biomedicine, pharma, textile and paper industry