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Overview OSI Optoelectronics

The portfolio of OSI covers different types silicium photodiodes (PIN photodiodes, PSDs, photodiode arrays, color sensors etc.) to GaAs- and InGaAs- photodiodes up to complete opto-electronical systems. With more than 30 years of experience in photonics, world-wide production facilities and offices OSI has a big and wide knowledge in optoelectronics. The applications of this products are analytic, medical technique, inspection technique (for example X-ray scanner), telecommunication and different industrial applications.

For applications with a detecting range form 200 – 1100 nm and UV or soft X-ray range you find information at Si- and GaAs-photodiodes.

If the detection range is from 900 – 1700 nm you find under InGaAs-photodiodes more information.

SphereOptics provides with OSI Optoelectronics complete opto electronical modules. This modules could be produced by custom design/specifications. For further information please see the category optoelectronic modules.

Application notes for photodiodes form OSI Optoelectronics please look here.