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Laser Power Measurement Spheres


Laser Power Measurement System LPMS®

  • Proprietary design for stable power measurement of divergent laser beams
  • Efficiently collections of total power from highly divergent sources
  • Two detector ports for single detector and spectrometer
  • Complete LPMS systems comprises integration sphere, detector, read-out electronic and calibration
  • Liquid-cooled sphere (coated with Infragold®) for high power Lasers
  • Integration sphere available as stand-alone product (LPM series)

Short Description

Labsphere’s LPMS series integrating sphere laser power meters are suitable for measuring CW and pulsed laser output powers from 15 µW to kW range in the spectral range from 300 nm to 20 µm. The special integrating sphere design employed is insensitive to changes in laser beam pointing or divergence for angles up to +/- 40° from normal. To put it another way, with a Labsphere LPMS radiometer, you get power measurements you can trust regardless of the laser beam diameter, divergence and static or dynamic beam pointing direction. The LPM integrating spheres employed in the LPMS radiometers are available in 2, 4 and 6-inch diameters. All feature a 1-inch input port and two, ½ inch detector ports. The standard configuration comprises an integration sphere, one detector, read out electronic and a calibration. The second detector port could be populated with an optional spectrometer. Different coatings  (Spectraflect®, Spectralon®, Infragold®) of the integration sphere allows covering a spectral range 300 nm to 20 µm. A liquid cooled integration sphere enables measuring Laser powers in the kW range.



  • Laser power measurement spheres
  • Laser and laserdiode output characterization
  • Liquid-cooled laser power measurement sphere
  • CO2 lasers and Nd:YAG lasers output characterization
  • High power laserdiode bars testing