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ScatterScope 4

The ScatterScope 4™

The ScatterScope 4™ is manufactured by ScatterMaster LLC to provide Full Hemispherical Scatter Measurements easily and reliable. This Patent Pending instrument is a new concept in high-speed scatter metrology. Based on operation of the Alpha unit operated in both reflection and transmission we can offer are new standard for BDRF/BDTF measurement systems. Programmable scans allow sampling the reflective or transmissive hemisphere tighter than 5 deg. Standard units include a 639 nm source and optionally can be configured with multiple wavelengths such as: 473, 520, 639 and 980 nm. Dynamic range exceeds 10 orders of magnitude with a noise floor of approximately 106/sr at 639 nm.

The ScatterScope4™ consists of a compact desktop scatterometer (20″ cube /35lbs) controlled by a laptop computer (included) running our proprietary ScatterMaster™ control and analysis software. The system is easy to set up and use. The software is straightforward and makes scatter analysis a breeze. ScatterMaster allows scatter measurements to be visualized interactively in three dimensions or exported for analysis with MatLab, Excel, and several other optical modeling packages. New features that are coming soon include: the definition of virtual detectors in the hemisphere for easy signal and stray light analysis, as well as the calculation of total integrated scatter and diffuse reflectance at variable incident angles.

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