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New spectroradiometer for the UV, VIS and NIR range

The new specbos 2501 product series from JETI Technische Instrumente combines proven technologies with new features in the field of portable spectroradiometers. JETI presents its latest product, the specbos 2501, a spectroradiometer that is characterized by its compact design and… Read More

Starting signal for ISAL – 15th International Symposium on Automotive Lighting 2023

The renowned ISAL conference on the subject of automotive lighting is coming up soon and will take place next week September 25-27 in Darmstadt. SphereOptics will be present as an exhibitor at booth #42. As a specialised company in the… Read More

New Extended-SWIR Hyperspectral Camera

The new Model 4455 from Hinalea Imaging covers an extended shortwave-infrared spectral range from 1200 to 2100 nm. It combines high spectral and spatial resolution in a system that is both portable and cost-attractive. Hinalea Imaging has added a new… Read More

New compact high-speed test system for displays and lighting

The newly developed WP512 imaging spectral colorimeter from our partner Westboro Photonics features a high-resolution camera and an internal reference spectrometer for fast, accurate testing of displays and lighting in production. High-quality displays and lighting modules with optimal brightness distribution… Read More

Quantitative, location-dependent analysis of stray light developed

Our partner Imatest has developed a new complete package for scattered light analysis of cameras, which he presented for the first time at AutoSens in Brussels. When stray light in vacation photos covers, obscures or discolors parts of the image,… Read More

New partner for Quality Control of Cameras

To further expand its offering to customers, SphereOptics is now partnering with world market leader, Imatest. Driverless transport systems and autonomous systems in medicine, aerospace, and also driver assistance systems rely on highly complex sensor technology to navigate safely. This… Read More

Spectral Evolution – NaturaSpec™ Portable Spectroradiometer

High-Resolution, High-Sensitivity UV-VIS-NIR Spectroradiometer Specifically Designed for Fieldwork Spectral Evolution presents the all-new NaturaSpec™. It provides high resolution/high sensitivity in a portable spectroradiometer for field use. The NaturaSpec has a spectral range of 350-2500nm and three high density photodiode array… Read More

Raman XL – The new powerful Raman spectrometer from Wasatch Photonics

Wasatch Photonics, supplier of SphereOptics and producer of high throughput Raman spectrometers, introduces a new high-performance Raman spectrometer just in time for the upcoming trade shows Laser and Analytica in Munich, Germany.The new Raman spectrometer series Raman XL is compatible… Read More

Helioplates HD6 & SB6 available now!

Helioplates HD6 & SB6 are available now from SphereOptics. Today SphereOptics has signed a distributor agreement with HelioScreen, France, about the Helioplates. These plates are the perfect accessorie for Labspheres Sunscreen tester UV-2000S. Please contact us for further information.

WESTBORO PHOTONICS – ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratory for 2D imaging photometers and imaging colorimeters

Westboro Photonics is now an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratory for 2D imaging photometers and imaging colorimeters. This accreditation has been granted by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP, Lab Code 600285-0). While other labs are accredited for the… Read More