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Cooled Spectrometers

High Performance cooled Spectrometer CDS-2600

Short Description

Labsphere´s spectrometer CDS-2600 is a fiber-coupled array spectrometer which could easily integrated into light metrology system like von Labsphere. The base design is the proven crossed Czerny-Turner spectrograph with a top of the line electrically-cooled, back-thinned illuminated CCD detector for highly efficient stray light rejection. It includes user-activated integrated shutter for real-time dark subtraction and very low stray light. It has NIST traceable calibration options.
It measures: total spectral flux (Watts/nm), radiant flux (Watts), luminous flux (lumens), spectral intensity (Watts /sr-nm), illuminance, CCT, peak wavelength, CRI, chromaticity coordinates and others parameters.


  • High dynamic range for a broad range of applications
  • Fixed cable with SMA connector
  • Internal shutter (real time dark subtraction)
  • Stray light correction
  • Fast, low noise; TE cooled back-thinned 1044 x 64 CCD array detector
  • Spectral range 300 nm -1080 nm
  • Adapts to any lf Labsphere´s light metrology systems and components with NIST traceable calibration options
  • Could be converted to a lux-meter with Labsphere´s E 1000 detector head


  • Light measurement and characterization of LED products
  • Reflection / transmission measurements
  • Display testing
  • Automotive lighting
  • OLED production and R & D