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High-Speed Infrared Cameras for SWIR Detection

Fast-SWIR family optimised to capture fast dynamics in the SWIR band

The new FAST-SWIR camera line offered by Telops is the fastest infrared camera line available for short-wave IR detection. Benefit from high frame rates >1,000 Hz at full frame (VGA resolution) to study fast-changing thermal events. The FAST-SWIR cameras are also extremely sensitive, due to unique low-noise sensors and employed thermoelectric cooling.

Telops’ New Fast S1k: Unique high-speed SWIR camera with advanced radiometric calibration

The FAST S1K is a unique camera model in the line-up. It is the first high-speed SWIR camera with radiometric measurement capability. The FAST S1K integrates a 640 x 512 pixels array that delivers up to 1,000 Hz with calibrated temperatures from 300 °C up to 1 000 °C. The camera can reach even up to 109,000 Hz in subwindow mode. Owing to Telops’ unique permanent radiometric calibration, the user benefits from accurate measurements over the full operation range of the camera. Telops’ advanced calibration enables powerful features such as automatic exposure control to measure high-dynamic-range images with optimal exposure times. Capturing scenes with high-dynamic range is thus no longer a challenge.

The new FAST S1K is perfectly suited for a range of applications such as target signature and ranging in the SWIR band, thanks to the calibrated radiance provided by the camera. The FAST S1K can also be used in Non-Uniformity Correction mode to support the demanding needs of wavefront sensing, in applications such as laser beam shaping and adaptative optics. The low-noise detector provides true and sensitive measurement of faint sources.

Typical SWIR imaging applications include:

  • IR Signature
  • Target Ranging
  • Flash Detection
  • Art Inspection
  • Welding Process Monitoring
  • Adaptive Optics