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Reflective Lighting

Reflective Lighting

  • High quality, fully customizable lighting system.
  • Even, glare-free illumination.
  • Multi-source luminaires and heavy duty light stands.
  • Lights can be configured to work anywhere in the world.

Reflective Lighting is a key capability offered by Imatest. The majority of image quality testing is accomplished with reflective test charts. Even, glare-free illumination is essential for achieving accurate, repeatable measurements. See our lab assembly guide for placement instructions. Depending on your needs, we offer the following solutions:


Kinoflo Freestyle LED

The Kino Flo LED lighting systems are ideal for providing uniform, glare-free illumination for Imatest’s full range of reflective test charts, up to 111.7cm x 198cm (44″ x 78″). We offer three models detailed below. Each comes as a set of two lights with stands and optional cases for storing.


Metaphase NIR ExoLight 2.0

The Metaphase NIR ExoLight v2.0 lighting system is ideal for providing uniform, glare-free illumination for Imatest’s full range of reflective NIR test charts (850nm or 940nm NIR), up to 44 x 78″ (111.7 x 198 cm). This set of two is designed to integrate with the Imatest MTS-Reflective Module.


Thouslite LEDCube

The Thouslite LEDCube is a highly tunable, reflective light source. Reproduce any phase of daylight with the highest quality Color Rendering Index (CRI: 99) and Metamerism Index (MI: Grade A). Simulate various lighting environments to evaluate the performance of your camera or sensors, including tests for auto white balance, color rendering, auto exposure, etc.


IQL SpectriWave Lighting System

The SpectriWave™ lighting systems are designed to produce high quality, flexible test lab environments for imaging systems. This Reflective Lighting System is a fully customizable lighting solution that can illuminate an area up to 100cm x 150cm (40″ x 60″) with reasonably good uniformity (>80%) and smaller reflective charts (areas) with high uniformity (>90%).