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Spectral Flux Calibration Lamps 

  • NIST traceable spectral flux calibration with certificate
  • Screened and seasoned
  • 2 pi and 4 pi spectral flux standard
  • Optional stabilized constant current sources available
  • Recommended operation time 50 hours

Short Description

Labsphere´s calibrated spectral flux standards are seasoned screened a calibrated to provide user NIST traceable system recalibration capability. They are certified under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 NVLAP accredited lab code 200951-0. Labsphere´s calibration lamps are the few which provides spectrally calibrated flux values unlike many competitors which offer only total flux calibration (with much lower accuracy). There are 3 standard 4 Pi calibration lamps available: SCL-50 (50 lm), SCL-600 (600 lm) and SCL-1400 (1400 lm). In order to comply with LM 79 standard for 2 Pi integration sphere measurement set up Labsphere offers a forward spectral flux standard (FFS) with total spectral radiant flux responsivity 350 nm to 1050 nm. The FFS is available a 400 lm and 1000 lm version.


  • NIST-traceable standards for light measurement system calibration
  • Integration sphere system calibration
  • Maintaining and verifying consistent calibrations LM-79