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Scatter and Appearance Light Measurements (BRDF, BTDF)

BRDF / BTDF Measurement Service – Characterization of Surface Parameters

  • BRDF (optional Cosine corrected)
  • BTDF (optional Cosine corrected)
  • TIS

Short Description

SphereOptics can provide a service for the measurement of optical surface parameters for different kinds of materials. Those parameters, like BRDT, BTDF and TIS are been surveyed by a Radiant Vision Systems devise, known as the imaging sphere.

The Imaging Sphere allows the measurement for BRDF for incidence angles in range 0° – 80° (100° – 180° for BTDF). Therefore, the customer can choose between different kinds of illumination. Halogen Light is defined as Standard for photopic and radiometric measurements. As an option, it is possible to use a monochromatic source to illuminate the sample.

Accuracy and Range

  • BRDF: ±5%
  • The incidence angle of light is continuously adjustable in ranges 0° – 80° and 100° – 180°
  • Monochromatic illumination is available in the VIS spectrum 380 – 780 nm (optional in NIR)


  • Measurement of BRDT, BDTF, and TIS
  • Measurement of optical surface parameters for materials like metal, polymers, textiles, paper, etc.
  • Deviation of surface reflection models
  • Customer specific measurement service on request