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White Reflectance Coating Barium Sulphate

White Reflectance Coating Barium Sulphate (BaSO4)

  • Optically stable
  • High reflectance (up to 98%)
  • Heat resistance up to 100°C (Labsphere´s coating)
  • Applied by spraying
  • Applicable on metal, plastic and glass substrates
  • Sensitive to water and UV light

Sphereoptics offers Barium Sulphate coating in a different variation:

  • Labsphere´s 6080 white reflectance coating, an alcohol based coating, is offered as pre- mixed or ready to go coating solution with the highest reflectivity of 98% (visible spectral range) available on the market
  • Coating service of larger integration spheres with reflection values > 97%
  • Water based barium sulphate coating, available also as handy and easy to use small spray kit versions
  • Pure barium sulphate powder for reflectance standard of referencing

Short Description

Sphereoptics´s range of barium sulphate (BaSO4) coatings are scientific-grade paints that exhibit near-perfect diffuse reflectance at levels up to 98% in the 250-2500nm (UV-VIS-NIR) wavelength range. This coating is intended for customers with small-scale and large scale applications like integration sphere. This non-luminescent coating yields reflectance values of 95 to 98% over the wavelength region from 300 to 1200 nm.


  • Coating of integration spheres
  • Lamp housings
  • Backlight reflectors
  • Laser pumping chambers
  • Any area where uniform diffuse reflectance is needed