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VPH Gratings for Hyperspectral Imaging

Our transmissive VPH gratings offer the optical designer many advantages. They are more efficient and much lower scatter than reflective ruled gratings. More robust to handling, they enable straight pass transmissive spectral instruments that are smaller in size, lower aberration, and easier to align. At Wasatch Photonics, we apply our multiple patented technologies to optimize for bandwidth, low polarization sensitivity, and/or transmission. Choose from our range of stock gratings, or contact us to discuss your OEM needs.


  • Patented broad bandwidth grating designs
  • Exceptional 1st order diffraction efficiency for greater sensitivity and faster imaging rates
  • Low polarization sensitivity, uniform efficiency
  • Near-zero ghosting & scatter – less stray light
  • Low wavefront error for clearer images
  • Robust design allows easy cleaning & handling
  • Ideal for NIR imaging to 2500 nm