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Reflectance / Transmittance Integration Spheres

  • Integration sphere sizes 6”
  • Choice between three reflectance coatings
  • 9° degree one beam and two beam geometry
  • Optional center mount holders (jaw-, clip-, cuvette-style holders)
  • Specular trap
  • Sphere ports knife-edge type
  • Accessories like spectrometer, light source, reflectance standards available
  • Customized RT/ RTC spheres available
  • Product codes RT-060-SF, RT-060-IG, RTC-060-SF, RTC-060-IG

Short Description

Labsphere´s reflectance / transmittance integration spheres assemblies RT-060-xx and RTC-060-xx constitute one of the most basic reflectance measurement products and can be used to measure the reflectance or transmittance of a wide variety of sample mediums. The sphere size is 6” and is offered with three different reflectance materials covering the spectral range 250 nm to 20 µm.

The RT spheres feature five 1-inch diameter ports to accommodate sample and reference beams necessary for 9° double beam geometry. A 0.5-inch detector ort is located at the top of the sphere.

A specular light trap is included for specular subtraction methods.
RTC spheres add further versatility with a center mounted sample holder so users are able to measure reflectance and transmittance versus incident angle of radiation.


  • Reflectance and transmittance of materials
  • Reflectance of opaque samples
  • Infrared reflectance
  • Reflectance versus angle
  • Color properties