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Telops MS-IR: Multispectral infrared Cameras

  • MS-IR has a spatial resolution of 640 x 512 Pixel in the wavelength range from 3 to 5 µm (optional: 320 x 256 Pixels in range from 7,7 to 11,8 µm)
  • MS-IR has a frame rate of up to 800 fps
  • The camera is working in the range of 3 to 5 µm covering the temperature for -15 to +150°C
  • In that, the accuracy of the system is as good as +/- 1K
  • Actively cooled detector ensure high radiometric accuracy and high dynamic range
  • Multispectral analysis with 8 channels by using filter wheel
  • Spatial location by combination with GPS/IMU system

Short Description

The MS-IR infrared camera allows the user to split the scene signal into eight different spectral bands rather than only one broadband image. This Multispectral data is perfectly suited for target spectral signature analysis. The fast rotating filter wheel is a mechanism designed to maximize the cameras’ frame rate. It can be used in two modes, either the fixed or the rotating condition.


  • Telops EHDRI function allows to detect the finest contours and contrasts
  • MS-IR has an advanced calibration capability, which includes for example the real time processing (NUC, radiometric temperature, in-band radiance) and the the automated exposure control (AEC)
  • MS-IR has High Sensitivity to detect Temperature differences as small as 20mK


  • Defense and Security
  • Gas detection
  • Mineral identification