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Optronic Modules

Nanomotion produces linear and rotary shutters that combine compactness and performance. The company also manufactures a wide range of customised optronic modules. Their solutions are particularly designed for applications demanding for ultra-precise optical displacements, including for instance auto focus control, beam steering and stabilisation.

Linear NUC Shutters

The S787 NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction) shutter is especially designed to meet the most demanding operating conditions of infrared imaging systems. The shutter works linearly using Nanomotion’s EDGE motor allowing an ultra-light configuration while optimising the distance separating it from the focal plane array (FPA). The shutter is equipped with a leaf of 17×15 mm2 capable of moving on 15 mm in 100 ms. The moving blade is supported by the Edge – Actuator bearing structure on one side and an outboard shaft bearing to eliminate any blade deflection and vibration.

Rotary NUC Shutters

The RS08 NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction) shutter is the first of its kind, utilising a silent, miniature piezo actuator in an 8 mm x 20 mm package including the drive electronics. The RS08 is designed to work from a 3.3 Volt battery and supports travel ranges from 35° to 120°. Shutter blades can vary in size and material, up to a 25mm diameter paddle. Using Nanomotion’s proprietary feedback system, the shutter is fully operational as a closed loop device, stopping on electrical limits to avoid any noise from a mechanical hardstop.

Customised Optronic Solutions

Please get in touch to discuss the requirements for your application.

Linear NUC Shutter

Rotary NUC Shutter

Customised Auto Focus Module

Customised Beam Steering Module