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Surface Optics 410-SOLAR – Quickly and accurately measure total, diffuse and specular reflectance/absorbance

The SOC-410 Series handheld reflectometers and emissometers are a product of collaboration between different US state authorities and Surface Optics Corporation (SOC). The 410-Solar’s lightweight, counter-balanced, pistol-grip design allows single-handed carry and use. Simply hold the 410-Solar sampling port against the surface to be tested and press the trigger to take the measurement. View results immediately on the touch screen display or transfer those to your laptop with the integrated SD-card. It is used in the Solar industry (reflectance and degradation measurements), in material science, for quality assurance, in surface evaluation of electroplated materials and reflectane measurements of test targets in LIDAR applicatons.

SOC-410 covers the range 330 nm to 2500 nm in seven bands at 20 degrees incidence for the measurement of total, diffuse and specular reflectance/absorbance. Key benefits of the the unit are the ability to capture valuable reflectance characteristics with a portable, lab quality instrument you can take anywhere. SOC-410 has an easy calibration process which ensures your measurement session produces good data. The unit complies with US industrial Standards such as ASTM E903, C1549 the standards for portable solar reflectance measurements, which are also well know and expected by European aerospace and military companies.

In addition, SOC offers handheld emissomters for the thermal infrared spectral region (1.5 – 21 µm) to measure directional reflectance at six bands and calculates emissivity.

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