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Type B Goniophotometers

Goniophotometers for automotive and directional lighting applications

The SSL Resource range of IES type B motion goniophotometers comprises the AUTO 100 and AUTO 1000. In addition, the natively type C motion LAMP 30 and LUMI series goniometer models can be converted to type B motion using an optional accessory kit. Type B motion goniophotometers are typically used if you wish to test directional light sources. In type B motion, the device under test is tilted about a horizontal axis, which means that its direction of peak intensity (orientation) moves with respect to gravity during a scan. A type B goniophotometer is suitable for testing vehicle lighting (e.g. automotive headlamps and marker/side lamps), as well as VMS signs and marine, airfield, traffic, train and bicycle lighting.

All SSL type B goniophotometer systems are available with a choice of sensors, including a precision photometer or a tristimulus colorimeter which adds the capability to measure CIE chromaticity coordinates and CCT. A supplementary spectroradiometer provides for spectral analysis and colour rendering measurements, with the optional ability to extend radiometric measurements into the UV and IR, suitable for testing UVC germicidal lamps or horticultural light sources.

Basic Goniophotometer: SSL LAMP 30.B

SSL Resource C-1.B Goniophotometer The SSL LAMP 30.B goniophotometer is based upon the native type C LAMP 30 but configured for type B motion. The LAMP 30.B is ideal for testing compact automotive (vehicle) lighting. It is supplied as standard with our C-400 illuminance photometer, while a colorimeter and/or spectroradiometer are optional.


Maximum load: 3kg
Maximum DUT dimensions: 34 x 30cm (L x D)

LAMP 30_2125_Datasheet

  Advanced Goniophotometers: SSL LUMI.B Series

SSL Resource LUMI.B Goniophotometer The SSL LUMI.B series of advanced goniophotometers are based upon the native type C LUMI series but configured for type B motion. The LUMI.B series feature standard and optional enhancements to simplify testing and increase productivity. Each LUMI system can be configured with up to four sensors.


SSL LUMI 90.B: 10kg, 0.6 x 0.5 x 0.1m (L x W x D)
SSL LUMI 120.B: 20kg, 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.3m (L x W x D)
SSL LUMI 180.B: 40kg, 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.3m (L x W x D)

LUMI product family_2125_Datasheet

  Advanced Goniophotometers: SSL AUTO Series

SSL Resource AUTO Goniophotometer The SSL AUTO 100 and AUTO 1000 are dedicated type B motion goniophotometers specifically designed for testing directional light products, such as automotive and vehicle headlamps and marker lamps, as well as traffic signals, VMS signs and other directional light sources.


SSL AUTO 100: 15kg, 1 x 0.56m (L x W)
SSL AUTO 1000: 50kg, 1 x 1m (L x W)

SSL AUTO 100_Datasheet
SSL AUTO 1000_Datasheet