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410-Lidar Handheld Reflectometer

Surface Optics SOC 410 Lidar Reflectometer Overview

The Surface Optics SOC 410 Lidar reflectometer provides for measurements of directional hemispherical reflectance (total hemispheric for 20º angle of illumination) reported at the four common laser wavelengths used in LIDAR and ADAS driver-assistance systems. Measurements of specular-included reflectance are made at 850, 905, 940 and 1550nm. The 410 Lidar forms part of the modular 410 family whose concept is for a range of interchangeable measurement heads with a common command module.

Surface Optics 410 Lidar Specifications:

Parameter 410 Lidar Specifications
Measurement Capabilities Total reflectance (directional hemispheric reflectance, DHR)
Computed Measurements Not applicable
With External Computation Not applicable
Measurement Geometry Integrating sphere with 20°/H geometry (directional illumination at 20° with hemispheric collection)
Illumination Source Incandescent lamp
Measurement Range 4 bands centred on 850, 905, 940 & 1550nm
Measurement Spot Size 12.7mm diameter
Measurement Time 7 seconds
Sample Types Flat or curved surfaces; convex and concave surfaces to have a maximum 150 & 300mm radius, respectively
Calibration Coupons Supplied standard of diffuse reflectance
Compliance Not applicable
Power Rechargeable NiMH battery; 2 hours run-time on one battery charge (1 hour recharge time)
Dimensions 293 x 230 x 94mm
Weight 2.13kg

The Surface Optics 410 Family

The 410 Lidar forms part of the 410 range of portable reflectometers and emissometers from SOC that are designed for reflectance, solar absorbance and thermal emissivity measurements in the visible to far infrared range. These modular devices feature interchangeable measurement heads and a common command module and generate data of comparable quality to much larger laboratory instruments.

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Ergonomic Design

The lightweight pistol-grip design of the SOC 410 is modelled on a battery operated power tool. It is highly portable and allows single-handed use. Simply hold the sample port against the surface to be tested and press the trigger to take the measurement. View results immediately on the touch-screen display. Measurements can be taken on curved surfaces without special jigs or fixtures. The 410 Series measures the reflectance of flat, convex and concave surfaces (max. 150mm & 300mm radius, respectively) with a measurement spot of 6.4mm diameter.

An optional bench-top remote control unit (RCU) is available for the 410-series and operates by remote external control from a customer-supplied Windows PC. The bench-top configuration is ideal for routine QC applications and for installations where the 410 measurement head is mounted on a robot arm.