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Hochgeschwindigkeits-Infrarotkameras für den MWIR- und LWIR-Bereich

Fast-IR family optimised to capture high-speed processes

Telops’ FAST-IR line includes the fastest broadband infrared systems available on the market. Detectors are available in various resolution for both the MWIR band and the LWIR band. The FAST-IR camera line-up supports frame rates from hundreds of Hz to more than 3 kHz at full frame, thus enabling high-speed thermal imaging with an impressive temporal resolution. Owing to their cooled sensor, these high-performance infrared cameras are also extremely sensitive and enable the detection of small temperature changes on challenging targets. When combined with the powerful yet intuitive RevealIR acquisition software, the user is able to control all aspects of the data collection process.

Key Features
  • Ultrahigh Frame Rates – Full-frame imaging at rates of up to 3100 fps.
  • Flexible Sub-Windows – Optimise acquisition rates to maximise temporal resolution.
  • High Sensitivity – Detect temperature differences as small as 18 mK.
  • High-Speed Internal Memory – Up to 32 GB circular buffer for reliable recording.
  • GigE and Camera Link – Data transfer and high-speed recording directly to PC.
  • Advanced Calibration – Telops’ unique permanent radiometric calibration.
  • Automatic Exposure Control – Find the optimal exposure for high dynamic images.
  • Enhanced HDR Imaging – Acquire images with highest possible contrast.
  • 4-position filter wheel – Flexibility to change ND or spectral filters.
  • Certified IP67 sealed enclosure – Ideal for field measurements.
Fast M3k – The fastest MWIR model of the line-up

The model Fast M3k is the ideal instrument to capture high-speed events and dynamic scenes with highest possible frame rates. The integrated detector features an advanced multiplexer technology, thus enabling extremely fast image acquisition with rates of up to 3100 Hz at full resolution (320 x 256 pixels), and up to 100 000 Hz in sub-window mode (64 x 4 pixels).  The camera is sensitive in the spectral range from 1.5 µm to 5.4 µm. The combination of this model with a microsope lens available from Telops even allows high-speed thermal imaging with high spatial resolution down to the detector pitch of 30 µm – for more information take a closer look at the Fast-IR brochure.

Fast V1k – The fastest LWIR model of the line-up

The model Fast V1k features a large-format pixel array of 640 x 512 pixels with a pixel size of 25 µm. It enables high-resolution thermal imaging with frame rates of up to 1012 Hz at full resolution, and up to 40 000 Hz in sub-window mode (64 x 8 pixels). The camera is sensitive in the spectral range from 7.5 µm to 11.5 µm, thus particularly benefitial for fast thermal imaging of cold and medium-temperature scenes down to temperatures of -40°C – for more information take a closer look at the Fast-IR brochure.