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Labsphere’s Solid State Luminance (SSL) and Chromaticity Standards are highly stable and accurate cool white solid state integrating sphere luminance and color standards (calibration sources) that enables accurate and reproducible calibration of display test equipment across devices.

Many mobile devices have LCD displays that are backlit with cool white LEDs. These LEDs have a strong peak in the blue region to excite the phosphor that produces the visible cool white appearance. The spectrometers and colorimeters used to calibrate these displays are typically calibrated with tungsten halogen sources which can result in inconsistent measurement results of the displays due to spectral mismatch errors. The SSL-1000 sources were developed to correct the meter response with a spectrum that matches that of the display backlight.

Labsphere has engineered two variations of Solid State Luminance Standards:

SSL-1000 (part number AA-01269-000) is designed with a 25.5 mm diameter reference port

SSL-1010 (part number AA-01270-000) is designed with a 40 mm diameter reference port



  • Correct for spectrometer and colorimeter errors in production testing to ensure reproducible display image quality
  • Compact and robust for easy adaptation into existing test environments
  • Completely enclosed with raised reference port window to minimize contamination and promote easy cleaning


  • Image Sensor Test
  • Flat Fielding/PRNU
  • Light Sensor Calibration and Characterization