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ISO Standard Charts

ISO Standard Charts

Meet the international standard for image quality

Some companies adopt ISO standard charts as their own internal standard and then choose Imatest software to automatically and reliably test with those charts. Printed to our exacting standards, select the ISO standard chart that’s right for your company.


Photographic ISO 12233:2014+ eSFR

With high-precision photographic printing, this chart enables optimal testing for high-resolution sensors as well as compact macro tests.


ISO 18844 Flare Test Target

Backlit target made on high contrast mylar film for testing Flare as outlined in ISO 18844. Assembled with low reflectance patches.


Inkjet ISO 12233:2017+ eSFR

Our chart closely resembles the implementation of the Low Contrast eSFR test chart illustrated in ISO Standard Document. We have made a few key enhancements to our version to maximize analysis capabilities.


ISO 15739

This 15-patch grayscale step chart has 12 of the patches in a somewhat elliptical arrangement on the periphery and three in an inside row. It is supported by the Imatest Stepchart, Multicharts and ColorTest modules and fully supports automated region detection. The chart is printed on 12×18 inch (305×457 mm) luster inkjet media.


ISO 21550

Small film target designed for testing Dynamic Range of Electronic Scanners for Photographic Images. Two variants are available with densities ranging from 0.1 to 4.0 or 0 to 6.0.


ISO 14524

This chart features 12 gray levels on a durable material. Densities range from 0.10 to 2.30 and it is available on luster photographic paper or inkjet media. This particular chart fully supports automated region detection.