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XperRAM S Series

  • Micro Raman instrument
  • Raman, PL, EL
  • Up to three Freespace lasers
  • Over 90% peak efficiency
  • 200 x 200 μm scanning area on 40X objective
  • Fully customizable

XperRAM S Series is built with a versatile set of transmission spectrometer and high performance detector that provides a high peak efficiency for a wide range of wavelengths covering 405, 532, 633, and 785 nm (1064 nm also available through customization).

Not only that, XperRAM S Series also offers the widest scanning experience in the market with 200 µm x 200 µm scanning area on 40X objective.

The modular concept of the product enables easy customization such as system modification and system integration with other instruments.

What XperRAM S Series can do for you

  • Raman spectrum acquisition
  • Raman map image acquisition
  • Photoluminescence (PL) data acquisition
  • Electroluminescence (EL) data acquisition
  • There is a broad range of applications where you can utilize data of Raman, PL, and EL – from battery research to 2D material evaluation to pharmaceutical quality control. If you would like to consult about how Raman data can make a contribution to your research, we are just one message away!


Why XperRAM S Series can step up your Raman game

High Raman peak efficiency = Precise Raman data

  • Not like most Raman manufacturers, we have adopted transmission grating in a Raman spectrometer to boost efficiency to over 90%.
  • The spectrometer for XperRAM S Series (XPE200) coupled with an OEM CCD by ANDOR is also designed for a high efficiency.

 Wider and faser laser scanning

  • Our realization of wide, fast laser scanning capability using a single Galvo mirror maximizes even our scanning efficiency and helps you see a bigger picture of your Raman data.
  • Why laser scanning? It reduces production cost yet maintains excellent performance.
  • Check out the below video for the actual mapping process of XperRAM S Series.


High signal to noise ratio = Great Raman spectral resolution

  • For a better spectral resolution of Raman data produced by XperRAM S Series, the system boasts a high signal to noise ratio via a transmission grating and the smallest possible number of optics.

Easy customization & System flexibility

  • XperRAM S Series is a flexible modular system that is convenient for both beginners to experienced power users.
  • The system flexibility of XperRAM S Series is the reason why we can make your Raman dreams come true. For a complete Raman customization guide, check this out.


What Xper RAM S Series is made of

  • Microscope
    • Upright microscope or inverted microscope
  • Objectives
    • Default: 40x
    • Optional: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, Long WD 40X
  • Laser scanning module
    • If scanning not required, replaced by point meausuring module
  • Raman lasers and filter sets
    • Optional: 405 nm, 532 nm, LF 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm, 1064 nm (via customization)
  • System platform
    • Main body of the instrument
  • Spectrometer (XPE 200)
    • f/5 input aperture ratio
    • 200 mm focal length
    • Grating options: 300 lpmm, 600 lpmm, 1200 lpmm, 1800 lpmm, 2400 lpmm
  • Detector
    • 2000 x 256 active pixels
    • 15 µm x 15 µm pixel size
    • Back-illuminated, deep-deletion with anti-fringing
  • NanoSpectrum software suite
    • Spectrum data export format: .txt, .csv
    • Mapping data export format: .spm, .csv
    • Optional: Raman library and data identification software (to be launched soon)