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Prüfung von Solarsimulatoren mit mobilem Spektroradiometer SR-1901PT

ASTM standard E927-05 defines a solar simulator as a device that con-tains three major components: (1) light source(s) and associated power supply; (2) any optics and filters required to modify the output beam to meet the classification requirements (e.g., AM1.5 Global Tilt) ; and (3) the necessary controls to operate the simulator, adjust irradiance, etc. For a solar simulator to be classified as “Class A, “ its light source must put out energy as a function of wavelength, as defined by Table 1. SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’s SR-1901PT spectroradiometer is designed to measure the spectral distribution of both continuous and pulsed solar simulators for AM0, AM1.5 and AM1.5 Global tilt. The SR-1901PT has a broad spectral range of 280-1900nm, ensuring that each interval is adequately covered.


SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’s SR-1901PT spectro-radiometer allows end users to validate Class A performance of solar simulators very quickly and easily with minimal set up time. The small size and weight of these systems (~11x8x3 inches; 7lbs) means that they can be set up anywhere as space dictates.


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