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Hochauflösende IR-Kameras zur Detektion im MWIR-Bereich

Capture finest details with up to 3 megapixel image resolution

Telops’ high-resolution infrared cameras comprise two series’: the High-Definition (HD) series and their unique Super High-Definition (sHD) series offering up to 3 megapixel image resolution. The HD and sHD camera models are high-performance thermal infrared cameras designed to provide unprecedented image quality with crisp imaging of sharp targets while maintaining an excellent thermal sensitivity. They feature Telops’ unique real-time calibration and provide unique capabilities in applications that require large image coverage.

Key features

  • Super High-Definition – Image resolution with up to 1920 x 1536 pixels (3MP)
  • High Frame Rates – Record sHD images with up to 90 Hz at full frame
  • Flexible Sub-Windows – Optimise acquisition rates to maximise temporal resolution.
  • Wide Spectral Response – Detect spectral signatures in the 1.5 – 5.4 µm range
  • Advanced Calibration – Accurate measurements over the full operation range
  • Automatic Exposure Control – Find the optimal exposure for high dynamic images
  • Certified IP67 sealed enclosure – Ideal for field measurements

Typical IR imaging applications include:

  • Experimental Mechanics
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Fluid Thermodynamics
  • IR Signature & Ranging