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Real-time UVC dose monitoring with Labsphere’s SMARTSens Irradiance Sensors

Our partner Labsphere’s calibrated UVC sensors enable real-time UVC dose monitoring for the validation of UVC surface disinfection. Easily access dosage information on demand using our SMARTSens-D software platform, or integrate the digital sensors as a component in your UVGI system software using the provided firmware. Each sensor is calibrated for irradiance responsivity at three key UVGI wavelengths, 254 nm, 265 nm, and 275 nm for improved application flexibility and measurement accuracy.

  • Real-time dose monitoring for disinfection confidence and exposure safety
  • Instantaneous system performance feedback enables immediate troubleshooting and increased performance confidence
  • Concurrent dose monitoring allows tracking of area safety levels to optimize efficiencies


  • Real-time UVC dose monitoring in disinfection enclosures (medical, industrial, commercial, consumer)
  • Monitor UVC dosage performance in rooms and production systems
  • Track disinfectant lamp performance in HVAC systems for UVGI coil maintenance

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