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Overview Light Measurement

SphereOptics provides a solution for almost any application in measuring the color and brightness of light sources and displays.

From a simple, inexpensive lux meter, to the world’s most advanced imaging photometers, we have a light meter that you can rely upon to give you accurate, repeatable data. We also supply reference standards to calibrate your instrument. Labsphere´s integration sphere systems are using NIST traceable calibration standards therefore the user could perform at any time a calibration of the light measurement system. The inner surface of the sphere is coated with Bariumsulphate with 98 % reflection. This high reflection ensures a perfect uniform light distribution inside the sphere and hence very high accuracy of the spectral light flux measurements.

SphereOptics goniophotometers perform angular analysis of light sources and displays. Our Radiant Vision Systems near-field goniophotometer is designed for evaluating flat panel displays and luminaires/solid state lighting. This near-field goniophotometer offers 4 function just in one device: near-filed goniometer, far-field goniometer, illuminance measurement with a projection screen and the stand alone imaging colorimeter. Near-field data’s and photometric data sets like IES and LDT (EULUMDAT) files could be easily generated. The Radiant Vision Systems Source Imaging Goniophotometer (SIG) are used to generate Radiant Source Model files for ray tracing and optical design. Lastly, the novel Imaging Sphere from Radiant Vision Systems is an ultrafast goniophotometer for testing the output of small light sources, LEDs and displays.