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Overview Infrared Cameras (Thermographic Cameras)

Telops Infrared Cameras (Thermal Imaging)

Telops’ Infrared Camera Series allows non-destructive real-time remote sensing temperature measurements. As such, the high-performance, scientific infrared cameras can act as useful thermometers for measuring temperature under circumstances where thermocouples or other probe sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data.  A typical example is to measure the temperature of moving objects or in applications where a fast response is required. Telops is a leading supplier for high end infrared cameras for the industrial, defense, environmental and research industries.

These high-performance infrared cameras can be equipped with different detectors (InSb, MCT, or SLS) covering different wavelength ranges (1.5 – 5.0 µm, 3.0 – 5.0 µm, 3.7 – 4.8 µm, 7.7 – 9.3 µm, 8 – 9.4 µm, 7.7 – 11.8 µm, or 8 – 12 µm) and are available as application specific models:


  • High-speed IR cameras (> 1900 Hz @ full frame, up to 90.000 Hz @ sub-window)
  • High spatial resolution IR cameras (1280 x 1024 pixel) allow high definition imaging of your targets
  • High dynamic range IR cameras (16 bit, HDR mode) allow to resolve targets up to 2500°C
  • Multi-spectral IR cameras (up to 8 spectral bands) allow to split the scene radiance into eight spectral bands rather than only one broadband image hereby allowing spectral analysis
  • Thermal scientific IR camera is IP67 rated and optimized to provide the most accurate and sensitive thermal images


Applications are high-speed analysis (combustion analysis), rupture mechanics, non-destructive testing, plasma studies, IR signature, remote gas detection, and many more.

The models listed below can be found: