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LuxFlux NIR-S-G1

The NIR-S-G1 is a compact mini-lab based on optical spectroscopy:

  • complete spectroscopic measurement System including light source and reflection probe
  • spectral range: 900 – 1700 nm
  • high light throughput

Short Description

The NIR-S-G1 is a compact mini-lab. It includes a near infrared spectrometer, an integrated light source and a reflection probe. It analyzes the diffuse reflection of an organic surface through a scratch-resistant sapphire window. The NIR-S-G1 uses Texas Instruments’ DLP® Technology to sample the spectrum. This extraordinary technology offers a dynamic range of up to 30 bits, a high photometric linearity and eliminates pixel-to-pixel variations. At the same time, this technology allows for compact designs with high light throughput.


  • Absorption measurements from 900 nm – 1700 nm
  • automatic dark current compensations
  • easy to use desktop software for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • simple chemometric data analysis and visualization, reports
  • further modules upon request: e.g. substance identification with database
  • prepared for wireless operation via BlueTooth


  • compact, portable laboratory device
  • chemical analyses
  • moisture measurements
  • quality analysis: e.g. incoming goods inspection
  • surface characterization: e.g. paints and varnishes
  • environmental analyses: e.g. soil Analysis