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LuxFlux NIR-M-F1

NIR-M-F1 is a compact near infrared OEM-spectrometer module based on DLP® Technology:

  • spectral range: 900 – 1700 nm
  • DLP® Technology with high light throughput
  • 10 nm spectral resolution
  • 30 bit dynamic range
  • no pixel to pixel variation

Short Description

The NIR-M-F1 is a grating spectrometer based on Texas Instruments’ DLP® Technology. A micro mirror array and an InGaAs point detector replace the InGaAs CCD-camera of regular spectrometer. This extraordinary technology offers a dynamic range of up to 30 bits, a high photometric linearity and eliminates pixel-to-pixel variations. At the same time, this technology allows for compact designs with high light throughput.

As an OEM module, the NIR-M-F1 is designed for device integration. It has a SMA905 fiber optic connector and a micro USB connector.


  • Intensity measurements from 900 nm – 1700 nm
  • automatic dark current compensations
  • easy to use software for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • driver as C/C++ library, further formats available upon request

Application Examples:

  • process control
  • chemical Analysis
  • quality control
  • environmental monitoring
  • system Integration