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Telops FAST-IR 2K: Fast, high Performance Infrared Cameras

  • FAST-IR 2K is characterized by a ultra high frame rate of 1900 frames per second at full spatial resolution (320 x 256 pixels) and up to 90.000 fps in sub-window mode (64 x 4 pixel)
  • The camera is working in the spectral range from 3 to 5.4 µm (optional 1.5 to 5.4 µm)
  • In that, the accuracy of the system is as good as +/- 1K
  • Actively cooled detector ensure high radiometric accuracy and high dynamic range
  • Spatial location by combination with GPS/IMU systems
  • Multispectral high speed analysis with 8 channels by using the MS-IR FAST

Short Description

The FAST-IR 2K Cameras are the fastest infrared systems available on the market. They are ideal to analyze dynamic events. The FAST-IR infrared cameras, with its rapid frame rates, allow high-speed thermal imaging with an impressive temporal resolution. These high-performance infrared cameras, characterized by extremely sensitive data acquisition, enable the user for the detection of challenging targets.

One Example is the surveillance of explosions. The ultra-high frame rate allows the user to see details, which are normally hidden in the fast process characteristic, such as the expansion of the shock wave of the explosion.


  • Telops HDR function ensure observation of targets with the highest possible contrast and accuracy
  • This results in a high sensitivity of 20 mK
  • FAST-IR is equiped with advanced calibration: automated exposure control, radiometric temperature & in-band radiance as well as a real-time processing option of infrared images
  • The user is able to define sub-windows to fasten acquisition rates to + 90 000 fps
  • MS-IR FAST is equipped with a high speed filter wheel (up to 100 Hz per band)