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This small goniometer has the capability not to only fit into almost every optical laboratory, but also to provide measurement data on concise level. The type C set up of this instrument enables the developer of single LEDs, LED modules or chips to study angular performance in many development stages; fast and most important: reliable. The detector head of the goniometer is a high-quality, visible-range spectrometer, equipped with diffuser optics to collect all important measurement quantities over the customer required angular range. With a maximum allowable source sample size of 300mmx100mm and 25kg, the new benchtop goniometer covers a wide range of LED measurement requirements. The footprint of the instrument itself with 1.65mx0.60mx1.73m allows the usage also in small dark rooms and optical laboratories.

Short Description

Measurement capabilities:

  • luminous intensity distribution with IES data generation
  • peak intensity, beam angle
  • cone Illuminance
  • color data such as x,y & CCT
  • Color Rendering Index CRI
  • spectral power distribution
  • total luminous flux (lm)
  • source specific information such as power consumption and power factor

In addition to the source output data, ambient temperature during the measurement (IES LM recommendation 79/82) is reported as well as source specific data such as power, power factor, Lumen/Watt or the orientation of the source during measurement, burn in & stabilization time. All parameters can be documented in a customizable report.