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New partner for Quality Control of Cameras

To further expand its offering to customers, SphereOptics is now partnering with world market leader, Imatest.

Driverless transport systems and autonomous systems in medicine, aerospace, and also driver assistance systems rely on highly complex sensor technology to navigate safely. This sensor technology uses lidar, radar and cameras, among others. The company has now enlisted the help of Imatest to optimize the camera systems.

Founded in 2004 by photographer and engineer Norman Koren in Boulder, Colorado, USA, Imatest develops software and test equipment for testing the image quality of digital cameras. It is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of software, equipment and test charts in this field.

Cameras, especially when used in areas such as vehicles, medicine, and aerospace, must have a reliable high quality. This is because they provide driver assistance systems with optical information to reliably detect people or obstacles; or provide the basis for diagnoses in medicine, among other things.

To ensure that cameras meet these high demands on image quality, the Imatest software, together with the test equipment, analyzes a wide range of quality factors such as image sharpness, color reproduction, image noise, dynamic range, tonal value reproduction, flare, lens distortion, vignetting and texture reproduction, among others.

Our new partner, Imatest has decades of experience in these areas. In addition, the company has significantly contributed to the creation of new improved standards through active collaboration with ISO standardization bodies. Accordingly, Imatest is a member of the International Organization for Standardization and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, contributing to the introduction of standardized methods for analyzing image quality. In cooperation with Imatest, SphereOptics can thus offer its customers a complete parquet for checking digital cameras.